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Title: The 5/95 Gap on the dissemination of mental health research: The World Psychiatric Association (WPA) task force report on project with editors of low and middle income (LAMI) countries
Authors: Mari, Jair de Jesus [UNIFESP]
Patel, V.
Kieling, C.
Anders, M.
Jakovljevi, M.
Lam, L. C. W.
Lotaief, F.
Mendlowicz, M. V.
Okulate, G.
Rao, T. S. Sathyanarayana
Tamam, L.
Tyrer, P.
Herrman, H.
Universidade Federal de São Paulo (UNIFESP)
Sangath Ctr
London Sch Hyg & Trop Med
Univ Fed Rio Grande do Sul
Univ London Imperial Coll Sci Technol & Med
Univ Melbourne
Hong Kong Journal Psychiat
Issue Date: 1-Feb-2009
Publisher: In House Publications
Citation: African Journal Of Psychiatry. Johannesburg: In House Publications, v. 12, n. 1, p. 33-39, 2009.
Abstract: The World Psychiatric Association (WPA) Task Force and a small group previously convened by the WPA publications committee initiated three activities between 2006-2008 that aimed to respond to the need for greater support for psychiatry journals in LAMI countries. In a joint venture with participants from the Global Mental Health Movement the Task Force editors from LAMI countries in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe and Latin America were contacted to identify potential journals to target for indexation (Medline and ISI). The committee analyzed the editors' applications on the following criteria: a) geographical representativeness; b) affiliation to a professional mental health society; c) regular publication of at least 4 issues per year over the past few years; d) comprehensive national and international editorial boards; e) publication of original articles, or at least abstracts, in English; f) some level of current indexation; g) evidence of a good balance between original and review articles in publications; and h) a friendly access website. The committee received 26 applications (11 from Latin America, 7 from Central Europe, 4 from Asia and 4 from Africa), and selected 8 journals, 2 from each geographical area, on the basis of the overall scores obtained for the items mentioned, to participate in an editors meeting held in Prague in September 2008. The aims of the committee are twofold: a) to concentrate support for those selected journals; and b) to assist all LAMI mental health editors in improving the quality of their journals and fulfilling the requirements for full indexation. This report summarizes the procedures conducted by the committee, the assessment of the current non-indexed journals, and offers suggestions for further action.
ISSN: 1994-8220
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