Eletromyography of abdominal muscles in different physical exercises: An update protocol for systematic review and meta-analysis

Eletromyography of abdominal muscles in different physical exercises: An update protocol for systematic review and meta-analysis

Author Fidale, Thiago Montes Google Scholar
Borges, Felipe Farnesi Ribeiro Google Scholar
Roever, Leonardo Google Scholar
Souza, Gilmar da Cunha Google Scholar
Goncalves, Alexandre Google Scholar
Chacur, Eduardo Paul Google Scholar
Pimenta, Cristhyano Google Scholar
Haddad, Eduardo Gasparetto Google Scholar
Agostini, Guilherme Gularte de Google Scholar
Gregorio, Fabio Clemente Google Scholar
Guimaraes, Fabricio Cardoso Ribeiro Google Scholar
Arantes, Franciel Jose Google Scholar
Santos, Lazaro Antonio dos Google Scholar
Pereira, Adriano Alves Google Scholar
Antunes, Hanna Karen Moreira Autor UNIFESP Google Scholar
Puga, Guilherme Morais Google Scholar
Lizardo, Frederico Balbino Google Scholar
Abstract Background:The abdominal muscles are extremely important because they are directly involved in the functions of support, containment of viscera, and help in the process of expiration, defecation, urination, vomiting, and also at the time of childbirth. Many exercises and equipment are used to strengthen the abdominal muscles, and the workouts are proposed for a variety of purposes, such as preventing and rehabilitating low back pain, improving sports performance, achieving aesthetic standards, among others. Exercises that potentiate the electromyographic activity promote a greater recruitment of muscle fibers and are more effective to improve or maintain of the force. The electromyographic activity analysis allows us to reflect on the quality of the exercises proposed, consequently, to choose and order the exercises properly in a training session.Methods:Our systematic review protocol will developed following the reporting items for the systematic review. To identify relevant studies, we sought articles on the following bases: MEDLINE, PubMed, Europubmed, SciELO, Physiotherapy Evidences Data Base (PEDro), Cochrane, and Google Scholar. The methodological quality of the studies included in the review will evaluated using a checklist and quality assessment. For intervention studies, risk of bias will estimated using the Cochrane Collaboration tool.Results:The results of this study will show the electromyographic activation of the abdomen in the different types of exercises.Conclusion:Ethics approval was not required for this study because it was based on published studies. The results and findings of this study will be submitted and published in a scientific peer-reviewed journal.Systematic review registration:PROSPERO CRD42018086172.
Keywords abdominal exercises
rectus abdominis
strength exercises
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Date 2018
Published in Medicine. Philadelphia, v. 97, n. 17, p. -, 2018.
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