Reaction time and replenishment time of SP and CGRP after incision in rat skin

Reaction time and replenishment time of SP and CGRP after incision in rat skin

Author Hochman, Bernardo Autor UNIFESP Google Scholar
Isoldi, Felipe Contoli Autor UNIFESP Google Scholar
Freitas, Jose Octavio Gonçalves de Autor UNIFESP Google Scholar
Lapin, Guilherme Abbud Franco Autor UNIFESP Google Scholar
Espírito Santo, Paulo Rogério Quieregatto do Autor UNIFESP Google Scholar
Silva, Erica Calcagno Raymundo da Autor UNIFESP Google Scholar
Chadi, Gerson Google Scholar
Ferreira, Lydia Masako Autor UNIFESP Google Scholar
Institution Universidade Federal de São Paulo (UNIFESP)
Universidade de São Paulo (USP)
Abstract Background. the skin neurogenic inflammation is mainly related to Substance P (SP) and Calcitonin Gene-related Peptide (CGRP). There is no data on their availability in the dynamics of skin nerve endings, concerning their release and replenishment after a nociceptive stimulus, so this was investigated. Materials and methods. 25 rats were randomly distributed in 5 groups. the animals of the control group (CG) determined the baseline levels of neuropeptides in the skin. the groups S0 and S30 did not receive any cutaneous stimulus at 30 and 60 minutes, respectively. in the group S1, an incision stimulus was made at 30 minutes. in the group S31, a nociceptive stimulus was performed by subdermal scratching at 30 minutes and, at 60 minutes, the incision stimulus was carried out in the same location (nociceptive hyperstimulation). the skin samples of the other animals were harvested from the back 1 minute after their death. SP, pro-CGRP and CGRP were quantified by Western Blotting. Results. the incision stimulus released SP, S1 compared to S0 (p < 0.05) detected in the first minute, and the replenishment time was more than 30 minutes. Also, it cleaved pro-CGRP, S1 compared to S31 (p < 0.05) in the first minute, and its replenishment time less than 30 minutes. Release of CGRP was not detected. Conclusion. the incision released SP already detected in the first minute; its replenishment time is more than 30 minutes. the incision decreased pro-CGRP, also detected in the first minute; and its replenishment time is less than 30 minutes.
Keywords SP
Neurogenic Inflammation
Reaction Time
Temporal Distribution
Language English
Date 2014-12-01
Published in Central European Journal of Biology. Warsaw: de Gruyter Open Ltd, v. 9, n. 12, p. 1140-1146, 2014.
ISSN 1895-104X (Sherpa/Romeo, impact factor)
Publisher De Gruyter Open Ltd
Extent 1140-1146
Access rights Open access Open Access
Type Article
Web of Science ID WOS:000340681200002

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